In this video below, I am going to explain how to edit your author biography. Please also find the transcript at the bottom. This tutorial is taken from my course: The Teachable Encyclopedia for Beginners and Beyond. Click here to learn more about the course.


  • Author Bio. You are required to create a NEW AUTHOR when you create your first COURSE.
  • Most people leave this blank or just enter anything, thinking that they will come back and edit later.
  • But then, when they want to do that, they cannot find out how to edit it.
  • To edit your author profile, go to your ADMIN and then SITE. On the left column, click AUTHORS. Then click the green edit icon on the right side.
  • Here you can add, or replace your picture, enter or edit your biography. Remember you can add links or images to your bio. For example, I added a link to my LinkedIn profile. I think I shall remind you not to forget to click SAVE button when you're finished.

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